Somebody I Used to Be

I can typically be found at a bar fueled by alcohol and grease talking to people about what I think is right and wrong with this world. Usually more about the wrongs.

I receive a ridiculous amount of mail (yes the real kind) from local politicians running for the state senate.  Not a single piece of this mail has anything good to say about themselves.  Not a single piece says what they plan on doing to help us.  It’s all mud being slung at their opponent.  This is just disgusting to me.  Not a single 3rd party running for these spots.

Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion - several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight.

—Mark Twain (via fuckyeahsexyatheists)


These cleverly designed quotes engage the heart as well as the mind. Created by Evan Robertson, the literature-inspired quotes illustrate the works of admirable authors from Jean-Paul Sartre to Walt Whitman to E. E. Cummings. Whether your nose is constantly in a book, or not you can’t help but find inspiration and pleasure in these works.

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Changed slightly to fit my own life.

Always be drunk.
That’s it!
The great imperative!
In order not to feel
Time’s horrid fardel
bruise your shoulders,
grinding you into the earth,
Get drunk and stay that way.
On what?
On beer, poetry, virtue, whatever.
But get drunk.
And if you sometimes happen to wake up
on the porches of a palace,
in the green grass of a ditch,
in the dismal loneliness of your own room,
your drunkenness gone or disappearing,
ask the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock,
ask everything that flees,
everything that groans
or rolls
or sings,
everything that speaks,
ask what time it is;
and the wind,
the wave,
the star,
the bird,
the clock
will answer you:
"Time to get drunk!
Don’t be martyred slaves of Time,
Get drunk!
Stay drunk!
On beer, virtue, poetry, whatever!” 

Charles Baudelaire

Truthful Tuesday: Random Thoughts

  • I believe it’s time to have one of the “the talks” with the girlfriend.  Not the ones you may be thinking of but rather the talk as to if she really wants to spend the rest of her life in Florida. Because I certainly do not.
  • So many people complaining about all the political talk they see on Facebook makes me need to complain about them.  If you really don’t care about the state of our country that much then you shouldn’t vote.  Those that are concerned about our country’s standing and read up about the issues and complain are the true Americans.  So fuck you if you think there are more important things to write about on Facebook.
  • With that said, how do people not think that Republicans are absolute loons?
  • Let it be noted that I’m not a fan of a lot of Democrats either.
  • I’m a fan of freedom and a president that does their job properly.
  • Holy shit, the Phillies are really turning this season around.
  • Holy shit, the Eagles barely got away with one on Sunday.
  • Holy shit, there is no such thing as God. OMG!
  • I’m addicted to Minecraft…and beer…definitely beer.